"Protect your freedom, preserve your firearm."

Boca Shield


If you're looking for the best way to protect and

camouflage your shotgun, rifle or scope then

look no further. Our patented one piece

neoprene covers can stretch and contour to

most stocks. The sharktooth neoprene inside

prevents it from sliding or slipping without

actually sticking to your gun. All you have to do

is roll the front part on and velcro the back flap.

Camo tapes take a lot of time and leave sticky

residue while other products fit loose or don't

cover the whole stock. Don't wait any longer,

get your Boca Shield gun cover today.  


Boca Shield is committed to

producing the best neoprene

products on the market. If you find

any better gun or scope accessories

let us know because we want to use

it too.

"Protect your freedom, preserve

your firearm."TM


E-mail us a picture  of a Boca Shield

on your gun in the field.